About Us

Subhash Chandra Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Essel Group is established to share, contribute and collaborate for a prosperous society – a way to build inclusive & elevated communities. The objective of the foundation is to help create and support models across sectors spanning from the mainstream to the niche sectors that provide for an equitable and sustainable society. The foundation’s approach is to support programs & institutions focused on developing, enabling and empowering society; through grant making, direct intervention and collaboration with sector entities and subject matter experts. Our key focus areas include programs on early child education, integrated rural development, entrepreneurship and empowerment. Other areas that continue to get immense support through the foundation includes preventive healthcare, gender equality, environment and technology-led innovation projects focused on social impact.

  • Supporting early child education through Ekal Vidyalaya.
  • Providing education scholarships to meritorious girl students through SACH Scholarship.
  • Empowering the citizens through Sarthi, our flagship initiative.
  • Inspiring and motivating the youth through Subhash Chandra Show.
Integrated Rural Development
  • Improving the living conditions of rural communities through Village Development.
  • Promoting Sustainable Agriculture Development.
  • Promoting new ideas and innovation through Esselerator, the accelerator program.
  • Nurturing social enterprises through Sach Impact.


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Subhash Chandra Foundation partners with Wageningen University & Research
Sarthi Haq
Sarthi- Haq