• Partnering for change
  • Nurturing social models
  • Building capacity for skill and scale
  • Achieving simple goals of joy & pride
  • Eliminating social & economic problems

Sarthi is a platform to sensitize people and make them aware about their rights and duties along with the Govt Entitlements.

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Esselerator will work with the founding team on their ideas and nurture them through Partnering, Mentoring & Networking.

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Our Thinking

The ‘Essel family’ truly believes that what comes from the people must go back to them

A man of deep gratitude, Dr Subhash Chandra has strong faith in the ideology of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – the world is one family. He through his many philanthrophic contributions and community work has demostrated that goodness can be obtained by channelising resources for the right causes to benefit those in need. He has invested in propagating human values and empowering people from all walks of life through several social responsibility initiatives.
Through the creation of Subash Chandra Foundation, he now wishes to serve the community on a larger platform with greater impact by offering the less privilidged and the misfortunate, opportunities to fight social, economic and inequality issues thereby giving them the tools to redefine their fortune.
The Subhash Chandra Foundation is an initiative to share, contribute and collaborate for a properous society – a way to build inclusive & elevated communities. The focus of the foundation will be to create as well as support programs that are focused on capacity building, skilling, education, healthcare, social entrepreneurship, gender equality, RLD (research, learning & development), cultural diversity & heritage.