Subhash Chandra Foundation aims to positively impact the literacy levels among children and youth in the nation through its interventions.

Early Child Education

Subhash Chandra Foundation believes that education lays the foundation for social and economic well being of a child. Keeping this in view, the foundation has reached out to marginalized communities in the nation to create awareness on early child education through Ekal Vidyalaya. The objective behind supporting this cause lies in the fact that, access of quality education since early childhood is crucial for lifelong development and can have a long term impact on child’s growth. While, this is a fundamental right to every child, the foundation aims to ensure that the rural communities are made aware of its relevance and impact in the long run on their lives.

SACH Scholarship Program

Through SACH Scholarship Program, the foundation aims to address the issue of drop out ratio among girls in schools from rural backgrounds. This program aims to provide education scholarships to meritorious girls from economically weaker backgrounds enabling empowerment among women in the community. The objective behind launching SACH Scholarship program is to provide an opportunity to children in marginalized communities to grow on a professional level by not letting financial situations of their households stunting their growth.