Subhash Chandra Foundation aims to strengthen the ability of the citizens by providing robust empowerment platforms.


“Sarthi is Revolutionizing the Way People Are Empowered to Take Actions.”

The word “Sarthi” (सारथी) means the one who drives us in the right direction. True to its name, this mission is one such guiding force that propels change in the lives of people through constructive interventions. Sarthi is a flagship program of Subhash Chandra Foundation that seeks to create a nation where citizens are well informed about their rights and duties; empowered enough to raise their voices against the problems faced by them, which are then effectively addressed and resolved.

Sarthi is a network of like-minded institutions such as Government Department, Non-Government Organization, Corporate Foundations and Voluntary Organizations, which are working towards the common goal of building a well - informed and empowered nation to bring about sustainable positive change.


Intervention Areas

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Subhash Chandra Show

Subhash Chandra Show is an initiative which aims to empower the youth of the country by inspiring them to follow their dreams. The show is a platform through which, Shri Subhash Chandra ji engages with youth from across India and interacts with them on different topics. The core concept is to motivate the youth, inspire and share ideas and, also help young entrepreneurs and aspiring minds for business. This show is an effort to educate & guide the students of our country to make them better Entrepreneurs, Professionals and most importantly better Citizens. The show has reached to leading MBA Colleges like IIM-Ahmedabad, St. Xavier’s Kolkata, IMT Ghaziabad, IIM Rohtak and other various colleges across different cities.