Subhash Chandra Foundation aims to drive rural India towards the road of prosperity through its interventions.

Village Development

Subhash Chandra Foundation is working to improve the living conditions of socially and economically backward communities through its Village Development Program. Various strategic interventions in the space of education, health, agriculture and sports are undertaken to ensure holistic development of villages. Some of the key initiatives under health intervention includes facilitating development of a government hospital in the targeted village and creating awareness among the community on health and sanitation issues. Agriculture development also forms an integral part of the village development program and, the foundation is actively engaged to address agricultural challenges and improve agricultural productivity in the targeted villages. The foundation also provides organic fertilizers to the farmer community with an objective to promote organic farming and sustainable farm practices. A total of 161 farmers have been so far associated with this sustainable agriculture intervention. The foundation promotes and organizes various sports activities in the villages to attract children and youth towards the importance of physical fitness. Under this initiative, the foundation provides sports training & learning opportunity through community volunteers in the villages. Close to 500 children participated in the sports excellency program organized in the village in Hisar district, Haryana, out of which 3 girls from the village were also awarded with silver and gold medals in the district and state level tournament. These sports activities are changing the perspective of the village community towards relevance of sports and also empowering girls to come forth to participate in these activities leading to an unbiased environment. The foundation is also facilitating the development of a sport training center for boxing, kho-kho, kabaddi and football to increase the scope of learning opportunities for children in the nearby areas.

Sustainable Agricultural Development

Subhash Chandra Foundation aims to support farmer based livelihood in villages through aggregation models and farmer associations. The intent is to create centres for agricultural diversification, thereby enabling forward and backward linkages which will contribute to overall agricultural development in villages. With an aim to develop a roadmap for agriculture development, the foundation organized Krishi Kranti 2018, one day long workshop along with Intellecap as knowledge partner with an objective to bring together leading practitioners, researchers and policy makers to address challenges in agricultural development and design solutions that can effectively reach the last mile. The key points that surfaced during interaction sessions will form a part of future intervention plan for agriculture development for the foundation. The foundation has also partnered with leading agricultural institutes including Himgiri Zee University, Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University and, Wageningen University and Research to undertake research and development to develop scientific ways that can help improve the overall productivity of farming and agriculture in India.