Sach Vijaya Scholarship 2020 - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

The Subhash Chandra Foundation’s SACH Vijaya Scholarship is a national level, merit cum means scholarship that aims to provide financial assistance to girls from economically weak backgrounds to support them in pursuing higher levels of education.

  • Tier I: Scholarship for Girls studying in 9th standard (Age Group 13-14 years as on April 1, 2020)
  • Tier II: Scholarship for Girls studying in 11th standard (Age Group 15-16 years as on April 1, 2020)

The scholarship is for meritorious girls from disadvantaged backgrounds. Students must fulfil the following basic criteria in order to be eligible for the scholarship:

  • The annual family income should be less than INR 3,00,000 from all sources
  • For Scholarship Tier I: Student must have scored minimum 70% in Grade 7 final school exam & 70% in Grade 8 Half Yearly school exam
  • For Scholarship Tier II: Student must have scored minimum 70% in Grade 9 final school exam & 70% in Grade 10 Half Yearly school exam
  • For specially-abled,the minimum cut off is 50% across all the tiers. Such students need to provide Disability certificate at the time of shortlisting

The duration of the scholarship for each tier is as explained below:

  • Tier 1: 1 year (class 9th)
  • Tier 2: 1 years (class 11th)

The Scholarship is of INR 10,000 (maximum scholarship) for each selected student and can be utilized towards funding School Tuition Fees, Books & Periodicals, School Uniform & Stationary

Each Selected student will be assigned with a Mentor, who will mentor the scholar through one year

Membership to the exclusive SCF Scholars Group. The benefits of the membership include:

  • Summer Placements & Internships
  • Opportunities to lead social initiatives

Attend Domestic conferences

Please visit the website through URL

The student must click on 'Application form', download the form, fill in all the necessary details and submit the application form on Email:- with subject line:
SACH Vijaya Scholarship 2020 Application Form

The recommendation form along with 2 recommendation letters need to be couriered to SCF on below address:
SACH Vijaya Scholarship 2020 Subhash Chandra Foundation:- 7th Floor FC- 19/20,Sector 16-A (Filmcity).Noida : 201301

Yes, a student can apply for the scholarship even if she does not have a bank account on her name or a joint account with her parent/guardian. Students can open a bank account after they have been selected for the scholarship.

All relevant information important for making assessment are already shared in the application form. Additional details, supporting documents can be shared during the interview process

The list of documents to be submitted for the scholarship have been mentioned in the application form itself. Most of these documents are to be submitted on shortlisting for the next stage of the application process

A student will be allowed to apply for the scholarship only once. As there will not be any provision to modify the information in the submitted application form, students are requested to take utmost care while filling up the application form.

The students will be selected on the basis of their merit and financial need. Received applications will be assessed on the basis of predefined criteria and documents will be verified. This would involve basic scrutiny of the received applications:

    candidates who submit incomplete application forms and do not furnish all the required documents will be rejected.

    candidates who do not satisfy the basic eligibility criteria will also be rejected, i.e.:

  • candidates who do not fulfil the parameters of the General Criteria, or
  • candidates whose total parental/guardians’ income is above INR 3,00,000,or
  • candidates with merit credentials below the minimum stipulated marks for each tier of the scholarship, as specified in the Criteria for Merit
  • candidates applying in the disabled category who do not fulfil the Criteria for Specially Abled will be disqualified under this category and be considered an applicant under the General category, and will be scrutinized as per the guidelines under this category as elaborated above

In case the information provided by the student is found to be incorrect in the verification process, the student's application will be rejected and the participant will be debarred from all schemes in the future.

The shortlisted applicants will be notified by February 10, 2020. The shortlisted students will need to furnish proof of the information provided in the application form by February 15, 2020. The tentative interview dates for the shortlisted candidates will be scheduled between February 17 – March 10, 2020

The final list of scholarships will be uploaded on the website by March 30, 2020. Selected students will be communicated through SMS/telephone calls and email

The decision of disbursement will be decided on case to case basis, depending on student needs over the year.

The scholarship funds will be disbursed directly into the student’s bank account, subject to the submission of proof of the student passing to Grade 9 & Grade 11 respectively.

A student receiving the Scholarship is expected to abide by the following:

  • Ensure to complete education till Graduation
  • Refrain from being involved in malicious or undesirable activities>
  • Avoid involvement in violation of the school/college rules, damage to institute property, misbehaviour with staff or colleagues or any other major disciplinary action
  • Maintain academic standards of the school/college